Gibbs and Canning Products

The clay was made into a variety of products.

peice of architectural terracotta

a pair of window stops with heads

This is a real piece of terracotta from a building. It was found in a salvage yard. Architectural terracotta was a major product that bought them prestige.
This pair of window stops in the form of heads were rescued from a building that was being demolished. They later were cut down and integrated into a new build.
a medium sized cannister
ink jug
This canister could have been filled with food at a factory. Some had writing on them saying what was inside.
This ink jug is stamped G.P.O. This stood for General Post Office. It would have been something needed by most offices.
an ash tray advert bird bath art nouveau tile
These tiny bird baths were made in a variety of colours to show of the variety of finishes the company could do.
Although not stamped this was sold with a lot of Gibbs and Canning items, and was said to be by the firm.
a white glazed brick majolica jardinier
This white glazed brick was most likely used for a butcher's shop in Sutton Coldfield. These bricks were one of the things G & C most frequently described in their advertisements.
This is another example of a garden ornament. It is unusually finished in majolica. This is not unique for Gibbs and Canning, but quite unusual.
glazed moulding rope edging for gardens
This moulded edging seems to be for internal use with tiles.
The firm produced many garden items. This rope edging would define a border or lawn.
gibbs and canning pipes a large rum jar
These pipes were discovered in an excavation in Australia. This jar was found during the excavation of a WWI trench in Boezinge Industrial Estate, Belgium. It is very heavy. Many companies made similar jars, and there is much discussion about what SRD stood for.

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