Gibbs and Canning buildings in places beginning T - Z

The buildings with Gibbs and Canning materials are of great interest to me. I am trying to identify as many as I can. So far I have identified 266. This is a selection of those I have identified. I will try and add more bit by bit.

Grammar School laboratory in Tamworth Lloyds bank in Tamworth
A new laboratory was added to Tamworth Grammar School in 1905. A doorway on the left has been covered up or removed. By Mr.T.J.Barford, BA, BSc, headmaster, 1905.
Two buildings with Gibbs and Canning materials stand next to each other in George Street, Tamworth. Burton's can just be seen on the left. Built 1936.
demolition of Wilneocte methodist Church Post Officve at Horseley heath Tipton
Although this splendid example of a Gibbs and Canning church was demolished, lots of pieces of terracotta were saved. Wilnecote Methodist Church, by Mr. A. V. Ingall in 1901.
The Post office and adjoining buildings have lots of terracotta on them at Horseley Heath, Tipton. 1895.
Bank in Tunstall detail of terracotta
The bank was formerley The Manchester and Liverpool District Bank. It was built in 1899 and has matching shops next door. Detail of terracotta on the Bank Chambers, Tunstall. This is dated 1898. Thre are shops below.
Tudor House Shops in Walsall doorway in Tudor House shops
Tudor House.The company was so proud of this building that they used it in some of their advertisements.
The detail below is from the middle section above the doorway. The owls looked familiar.
This splendid doorway is central to the shops. By Jeffries and Shipley in 1926.
This is a tile that was sold as Gibbs and Canning along with several more in different colours. It is identical to the design on the Walsall shops.
owl tiles owl tile
architects drawing of the administrative buildings  
Built in 1880 the Port Sanitary Hospital, Weymouth, was designed by Crickmay and Sons. The site, at Ferry Bridge, is now a holiday camp.


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