Gibbs and Canning buildings in places beginning A - F

The buildings with Gibbs and Canning materials are of great interest to me. I am trying to identify as many as I can. So far I have identified 266. This is a selection of those I have identified. I will try and add more bit by bit. Click on the photographs to see a larger image.

apperley church

banbury shop

Holy Trinity Church, Apperley, Gloucestershire, by Penrose, F. C. Esq. Architect of London, c.1896.
Humphris funeral directors, later MEB, now Katherine House Hospice, 14-16 Bridge St, Banbury, 1928
large satue of christ
beverley baptist church
Sacred Heart & St. Margaret Mary RC Church, by Harrison & Cox,1920 & 1935. It is said that a copy of this statue was also made for a convent.
Baptist Church, Lord Roberts Road, Beverley, by George F. Pennington of  Garside & Pennington, 1910
beverley st john church doorway at foleshill
St. John’s Church, 5 North Bar Without, Beverley, Humberside, by Smith, Broderick & Lowther, 1897
Roman Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd & St. Elizabeth & St. Helen, Foleshill, by Harrison & Cox of Birmingham, 1915
closeup of coat of arms of birmingham bedworth co-op
West Midland Fire Station, Aston, Birmingham, 1934. The arm on the coat of arms was modeled by a Gibbs and Canning worker.
Co-op, 16 High Street, Bedworth, Warwickshire, 1929
interior of the victoria law courts in birmingham wellington public house birmingham
Victoria Law Courts, Birmingham, Webb, by Sir Aston  & Bell, Ingress, 1887-91. The elaborate interior was by gibbs and Canning.
The Wellington Public House, Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham
life of wesley in terracotta elaborate terracotta on a birmingham building
Methodist Central Hall, Birmingham, E & J. A. Harper, 1900-03 . This is one of the panels of the life of Wesley. They can be found in the porch. County Buildings, Dean’s Premises, Corporation Street, Birmingham, by Joseph Crouch & Edmund Butler, 1896/7
ruskin buildings birmingham window with terracotta
Ruskin Buildings, corporation Street, Birmingham, Ewan & James Harper, 1900-1902. The shield-bearing animals near the top of the building seem to be almost identical to those on Spanish Place, London, which is definitely by Gibbs and Canning. Catholic & Apostolic Church, Birmingham. by J. A. Chatwin, 1873.
above doorway of the digbeth institute st pauls school birmingham
Digbeth Institute, by Arthur Harrison, 1907. There are some super figures modeled in terracotta by John Evans. St. Paul's Grammar School for Girls, Birmingham, by H. T. Sandy, 1908. Even the gate posts are G & C terracotta.
handsworth methodist college hutton street school
Handsworth Methodist (Wesleyan) College, by Ball & Goddard, 1881. These wonderful buildings were added to in 1931, again with terracotta by Gibbs and Canning. Hutton St. Schools, Birmingham (renamed Elliot Street), about 1879. The roof finial could also be G&C as they made all sorts of roofware.
alhambra theatre bradford colston hall bristol detail
Alhambra Theatre + extension, Bradford, by Chadwick & Watson, 1914 + 1928. Colston Hall, Bristol, by Foster & Wood , 1867. There were problems with producing some of the largest terracotta blocks. Mr Canning himself took on the responsibility of explaining this.
former customs offices in Bristol detail of former Bristol co-op
The former Customs Offices in Queens Square, Bristol. The wonderful terracotta continues inside. Detail from Britol Co-op building, sadly demolished.

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