Gibbs and Canning buildings in places beginning G - M

The buildings with Gibbs and Canning materials are of great interest to me. I am trying to identify as many as I can. So far I have identified 266. This is a selection of those I have identified. I will try and add more bit by bit.

hatherley road school detail detail of great yarmouth aquarium
Hatherley Infant's School, Gloucester, by Alfred J. Dunn, A.R.I.B.A., 1910
The Royal Aquarium, Great Yarmouth, Norton,  John and Massey, Philip E., later reconstructed by Bottle & Olley, 1876 and 1883
the sign for Hospital School 1931 hospital school great yarmouth
Another school, another Great Yarmouth building. Hospital School, Great Yarmouth has lots of typical features. The writing on the signs is very good.
shop in hull shop in leeds
Many shops with white faience were built in the Hull area. They were part of the jackson's Stores chain. This one has ornate Gibbs and Canning material.
This shop at the corner of Lands Lane in Leeds is covered in terracotta. By Winn, Messrs Thos. & Sons in about 1904.
crown made of terracotta interior of university building in leeds
This crown is on the Crown pub in Leeds.
This interior view of the Victoria Building in Liverpool shows Gibbs and Canning terracotta similar to their interior of Manchester Town Hall and the Natural History Museum. By Alfred Waterhouse, 1888.

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