Gibbs and Canning buildings in places beginning N - S

The buildings with Gibbs and Canning materials are of great interest to me. I am trying to identify as many as I can. So far I have identified 266. This is a selection of those I have identified. I will try and add more bit by bit.

Barratts works in Northampton oxford union debating house
You can just make out the words along the top of the building. They are huge letters in terracotta. Architect - A. Anderson, 1913.
This building has lots of terracotta on it. It is round doors and windows, in bands along the walls and under the roof edge. Designed by Alfres Waterhouse, 1878.
doorway to shop in pontefract Princes Hall Smethwick
The doorway to England's Stores in Pontefract is very ornate. There was some dispute reported in the minute books about this work. Architect Mr. Tennant, 1896.
Princes Hall, Smethwick was just one of the many cinemas build with Gibbs and Canning terracotta. Built in 1930.
Miller Arcade Preston carnegie library portsmouth
This is just a tiny sample of the wonderful terracotta on this building. By Messrs. Essex, Nicol & Goodman, 1896.
The fancy panel on the Carnegie Library near Portsmouth has familiar feature of a head incorporated in it. By Rake & Cogswell, 1906.

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