Willow and Flora

Willow and Flora are a brother and sister who came to us in May 2001. They had been rescued from a home where they were not cared for. They adore each other and often follow each other around. Although they are much more relaxed than they were, there is no doubt that they are still rescue cats even after 15 years.

Willow and Flora together

two cat sleeping two cats by a cat flap
From the very start they likes to sleep together. As time has gone on this happens a little less, but they still love each other. They soon learnt to use a cat flap which reads their microchips.


The first three photographs show Willow when he was a lot younger. He still is quite active an still loves to sunbathe. This means he needs suncream on his ears as he has no pigment in his skin.

a white cat with blue eyes cat sitting on a TV
Willow has lovely blue eyes. Fortunately he is not deaf, although many white cats are. Willow used to like to sit on the warm TV. He's sad that we now have a flat screen TV which is too hard to balance on.
cat on a wall  
He's always enjoyed sitting on the wall and looking out at the road.  



Flora was definitely the more upset of the two cats. Her experiences before coming to us have had a long lasting effect. Still she is very sweet and happy, and just as pretty as her brother.

cat stretching  
Flora still likes to do this. She has changed very little in appearance.