Merry and Pippin

Merry and Pippin were an affectionate pair of cats that kept us company for sixteen years. They came to us soon after each other, and they sadly left us only a month or so apart. They were not brother and sister, and they did not always get on perfectly, but they had each other for company.


Pippin was found abandoned in a cardboard box. Our neighbour bought him to us, and although we were not ready for a new cat, when he snuggled up to us, we could not turn him away. Our neighbour offered us a lift to go and get all we needed and Pippin took up residence.

black and white cat cat reading a magazine
Pippin was a cat who liked to be comfortable (as they all do.) He loved his basket next to the radiator. We once caught Pippin 'reading' a computer magazine. This photograph was published in the next edition.
cat under a sunchair cat on an electric blanket
Pippin was sometimes more like a dog than a cat. In the winter he loved his electric blanket but sometimes it just got too hot.
black and white cat  
He loved to survey his domain from the doorstep.  



At the time we were hoping to be able to choose a companion for Pippin, but it was not to be. Merry found us.She was the last kitten in her litter to need a home. Her owners were very keen for her to have a new home quickly. So we took her in and we never regretted it. She turned out to be a cat with a lovely nature who loved to sit on Alan's shoulders and who adored fuss.

tortoiseshell cat cat sleeping
Merry was very ladylike. She often took over a computer chair and we had to make do with a less comfortable one.
cat on windowsill cat
She loved to watch the world go by. She knew how to pose for the camera.
cat in doorway  
Like Pippin, She loved to sit and look at the garden from the doorstep.