Our Interests

Welcome to our website, www.cirrus.me.uk. The image above shows the cirrus clouds that our domain name is named after.

We would like to share our interests with as many people as possible. These interests include;

  • ICT
  • Geography
  • Design and Technology
  • Meteorology
  • Genealogy and Local History
  • Cats

If you share these interests, these pages may be relevant to you.

Alan Rodgers

Alan is now retired. He still keeps busy with his interest in the weather and making things in the hobby room.

He was a former part time senior lecturer at Newman University College, (now known as Newman University.) He was also an Independent Educational Computing consultant. His career has included writing a number of books for children and teachers. He has written ICT material for a number of organisations.

He was formerly a primary school teacher. He has a special interest in the weather (both educational and personal) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Teaching was his second career, started after graduating from Keele University as a mature student. He taught for fifteen years, during which time he achieved a MA with the Open University.

Angella Rodgers nee Streluk

Angella keeps busy despite being retired. She is currently working on an interesting local history topic researching Gibbs and Canning, a local factory who provided the bulk of the decorative terracotta for the Natural History Museum, and the Albert Hall in London. Any help with this research will be very gratefully received. She also is a keen genealogist who often helps others with their research too.

Angella is a retired primary school teacher who had responsibility for geography, history and ICT throughout the school. She furthered her career with a BA with the Open University. Being of Ukrainian origins she is interested in the Ukraine & in genealogy.

Both of Us

We both volunteer with a group who help to look after a local nature reserve. We try to go above and beyond in this work. See some photographs of the volunteers and the Flora and Fauna at Belgrave Lakes. Click on 'Albums' to see particular aspects.

We used to like making and sharing educational resources, some of which are still available. We have also published material in books, pamphlets, on CD and online. We have both used our interest in the weather to develop an educational weather website called Weather for Schools.

We will be pleased to receive any genuine correspondence but, please be patient if it takes a while for us to get back to you.